January 14, 2010

Satellite Crush

Hailing out of L.A., Satellite Crush takes its name from a long distance romance on the part of lead singer Elliot, from part of his own history. The group has recently released their debut E.P., entitled
Arrows of Eros, which further ties in to their namesake. (Eros, according to a quick check on Wikipedia, was the god of sexual love and beauty.)

The sound of Satellite Crush is one that is a breezy sort of Indie/Pop, despite the rather downtrodden nature of their lyrics. The EP starts off with a very good sound and feel - the band plays together, with a good amount of skill behind the guitar and vocals. The best track off the album is
Paris To London, the second track ouf of the five. Elliot's vocals are the central part of the song, and I'm reminded of other artists, such as Cary Brothers, Chris Stills and Chris Blake for the rang and sheer free flowing feel to the movement here.

But the rest of the songs on the album feel much the same way - the EP invokes imagry of a late night drive with nowhere to go on a summer night. Over all five songs is a good continuity of sound - laidback, driven and pleasant. To some extent, this conflicts with the somewhat brooding nature of the songs, especially with titles such as
Lovesick Soul, Strictly Platonic, and Jealousy. Despite that, this release feels honest, heartfelt. While I like the sound and subject matter, I hope that things will look up emotionally for these guys when it comes time to work on a full length album - something that I hope they will be doing. There's an incredible amount of potential based on Arrows of Eros, and I hope to hear more from them soon.

If you're in the LA area in the next month, you can catch the group at the following dates and locations:

1/29 Club Underground @ The Echo
2/8 The Dragonfly

Paris to London - Satellite Crush