July 25, 2007

Artist Comparison: Chicks With Guitars

Two artists who have a similar sound and tone are Sara Wheeler and Tristian Prettyman. They've both got that acoustic guitar flair, and both have great voices. There's something really cool about their sound with the guitarwork, and both would be really cool playing on stage with each other in a concert someday.

Dreaming - Sara Wheeler

Sara Wheeler is a New England artist, who's relatively difficult to find, although she has recently released a new album, Soleil. Her acoustic guitarwork and voice are a fun match, with a good set of pleasant songs. I discovered Sara Wheeler when she came and played a short concert at my school - I picked up Moonlight Dancers, and have kicked myself for not getting any of her other ones there, because I haven't been able to find her other stuff lately at all.

Love, Love, Love - Tristan Prettyman

Tristan Prettyman likewise has a great acoustic guitar sound and tone, as well as light, poppy lyrics that are much better than most acoustic / pop music out there. This song was featured on the short-lived show Six Degrees, which had a better soundtrack than anything else in the show, and since then, I've really enjoyed Prettyman's voice and lyrics.