August 10, 2007

Back in 1973

I never thought that I'd recommend a James Blunt song after "You're Beautiful", but with his latest single off of his sophtomore album, I'd have to say that I'll recommend it, along with a BBC Television drama.

1973 is a nostalgic piece from Blunt, and is a much, much better song than his prior song. The video's quite good as well, really fitting with the nostalgia theme. There's something really appealing about that, at least to me. I sometimes think back to earlier and reminice, especially now, being newly out of college. The song does just that, and has a good, fairly quiet sound to it, one that reminds me a bit of Fleetwood Mac for some reason (Although you can't compare the two at all). This song really feels like the 1970s, and the video does as well, with the proper filters, giving it a great look and feel between the 1970s parts of the video and the modern parts. I'll be interested to hear the rest of the album, because this new song isn't bad at all.

Listen to the song here, on Blunt's Webpage

Along the same lines, the BBC launched a show two years ago, called Life on Mars, named for the David Bowie song. In it, Manchester DCI (Detective Chief Inspector) Sam Tyler gets into an accident and wakes up in the year 1973 (Ah ha, see the connection?). Life on Mars is not only playing on his iPod when he gets hurt, but on the other side on an 8-Track tape in his car. Later, you learn that part of his life then is code named M.A.R.S, and he comments in the pilot that being in the 1970s feels like being on another planet. It's a top notch show, a high quality police drama, and if you can get a place to see it, I'd highly, highly recommend it.

Life on Mars - David Bowie

Life on Mars Theme - Edmund Butt