August 20, 2007

Grace Potter and the Nocturnals - Concert 2

Grace Potter kicked off her tour after the release of her latest album, This Is Somewhere, with a concert at the Waterfront Park in Burlington Vermont to a nearly packed venue. Their opening band, Josh Ritter, wasn't bad, but he was somewhat forgettable after last night's performance, athough he is worth looking into for a decent band.

This was my second time seeing the Nocturnals, and this performance topped their one a couple weeks ago at Club Metronome. For starters, they were in the open air, which helped Grace's sound by a tenfold. She no longer sounded as high and poppish as she did last time, this time, they had proper speakers, so there was no problems there. They launched into a fantastic set that included several songs from their prior album, Nothing But The Water, as well as a couple of ones that they've performed live before, such as Belledonna and Watching You. They also included a six or seven minute drum solo, with the entire band playing around the drumset before the end.

Like before, they had an incredible amount of energy and used it well. This set seemed to include a couple more faster songs than last time, and didn't seem to drag on as long, and with a much larger crowd, they seemed to feed off of the energy a bit more than they did last time.

Set List:
Ah Mary
Treat Me Right
Stop the Bus
Here's To The Meantime
Apoligies (MP3)
Lose Some Time
(John-Something Cover w/ Josh Ritter)
Falling Or Flying
I've Been Watching You
(Unknown - Girls)
If I Was From Paris
Nothing But The Water (1)
Drum Solo - 4-Way
Nothing But The Water (2)
Cortez, The Killer
Come Together (Beatles Cover)
Big White Gate
More pictures from the event: Here