August 17, 2007

New Music Release: Live At Radio City

This slipped by me earlier this week - Dave Matthews and Tim Reynolds released a second live album together, this time from the Radio City in Manhatten, the performance of which was a culmination of a three city tour. Tickets went for up to an amazing $15,000 (According to and features an amazing playlist of 26 songs.


Disc one
"When the World Ends"
"Stay or Leave"
"Save Me"
"So Damn Lucky"
"The Maker"
"Old Dirt Hill (Bring That Beat Back)"
"Eh Hee"
"Out of My Hands"
"Still Water"
"Don't Drink the Water"

Disc two
"Crash into Me"
"Down by the River"
"You Are My Sanity"
"Lie in Our Graves" (with improvisational jam)
"Some Devil"
"Grace Is Gone"
"Dancing Nancies"
"Two Step"

Should you buy this from iTunes, there's two additional songs included. This is an amazing live album on Matthew's part, playing a number of favorites and some new songs, with some classic Matthew's guitar work along with Reynolds. This is highly recommended - I don't really go for a lot of Matthew's live albums, but this one's exceptional.