September 6, 2007

New Artist - Ferraby Lionheart

I first heard about this guy a while ago, with his song Vermont Avenue through another music blog. Lionheart is out of L.A., and has released his first album, Catch the Brass Ring, which would seem to be the start of a fantastic acoustic/folk career. Previously the front man of a band called Telecast, he's since gone solo, where he released his own self titled EP, earlier in 2007. Earlier this week, Catch the Brass Ring was released. This guy's got an interesting sound, something between Amos Lee and Rufus Wainwright. There's some fantastic musical work here, with a nice rich sound, with some good percussion work and some really good guitar stuff. This guy's a good one to keep an eye on.

Video for Crack in Time:

Vermont Avenue - Ferraby Lionheart (Highly Recommended)
Before We're Dead - Ferraby Lionheart