September 7, 2007

New Artist: Sara Bareilles

I just came across this artist earlier today while randomly going through iTunes. Sara Bareilles, who's recently released her first album, entitled Little Voice. I haven't listened to the whole album yet, but Love Song and Fairytale are two songs that really stand out, although there's a couple of others that really sound good on that album.

I always try to compare artists to one another. Interestingly, I can think of a couple of female artists that sort of fit her style, but the artist who seems to fit with her really well is Josh Ritter. I'm sure that there's some others out there, but I'm happy with that fit. She's got a fantastic voice, ranging from rock to blues and does some really cool piano work to follow along.

Earlier in June, she made a splash when her first song, Love Song, was released as an iTunes free song of the week (This is why I watch that list) and it propelled her album to some really spectacular sales over the next couple months.

Love Song - Sara Bareilles
Fairytales - Sara Bareilles