September 27, 2007

When Women are Outfitted with Hightech Prosthetics

Last night, the pilot for the show Bionic Woman aired on NBC. I've been paticularly excited to watch this one because it's another remake by the same people who did the fantastic Battlestar Galactica (Which is my all time favorite SciFi show at the moment.)

I just finished the episode, and I thought it was quite good. The pilot seems a little directionless, unlike Battlestar, where there was a very clear storyline from the start. This one will hopefully get a good storyline started quickly, and not just be a bunch of standalone episodes for a while.
Fairly good acting, action, camera work's average - good story though. I'll be keeping my eyes on it. There were even a couple of other Battlestar Galactica alums in there. It's interesting to see another take on a 1970s TV show and how they have modernized it to be much more realistic and in step with today's world. Battlestar worked fantastically, making it one of the best SciFi shows out there. Let's hope this'll be similar.

During the episode, I was happy to hear a song that I recognized, Breathe Me, by Sia, which has also been used in Six Feet Under and Veronica Mars. I wonder if we'll get some good songs out of this one....

Breathe Me - Sia