October 26, 2007

Cover & Original - Wonderwall

This is a song from my high school years that I've rediscovered recently for some reason. And along with that, two cover versions that I've come across recently that are both quite good.
The original is a raw version with a good amount of energy and sound that still has a good ring to it, even after all these years.
Cat Power recorded a version in a studio session with the BBC, which slows the song down a little as most of her covers tend to do, and she does a good job handling the lyrics. Between her guitarwork and voice, she really makes the song her own, and it doesn't sound bad.
Ryan Adams has done the better cover here, with some fantastic guitarwork and he changes up some of the pacing. It's similar to Cat Power's cover, but much better.

Wonderwall - Oasis
Wonderwall - Cat Power
Wonderwall - Ryan Adams