November 7, 2007

All Songs Considered Changing

I just got this notice today with my All Songs Considered podcast:

This is just a brief program note to let you know about our new All Songs Considered live concert podcast. We've just launched it with a performance by Nickel Creek. Subscribe to the concerts podcast for access to all the past live shows, including Spoon, The New Pornographers, the Yeah Yeah Yeahs and more.

I'm a big fan of the show, and they've started putting up live concerts recently, of which there were some really good ones. This is an interesting step, and hopefully, they'll be putting it up on iTunes, so I can listen within that platform. Their latest concert is of Nickel Creek, which is shaping up to be a fun one thus far.

It seems that this is part of a larger change at, as they've completely revamped and updated and consolidated their music page to include a lot of things. Check it out here: