January 29, 2008

New Artist - rane

Rounding out the acoustic-indie rock day here is another band that I've seen when they came up to Norwich University when I was a student there: rane. Off all the bands that I found during college, I think rane is one that I remember the fondest.
Operating under the genre of 'Progressive Pop', these guys are best described as Indie-Jam. They have some absolutely fantastic guitar-work and some really good lyrics out there, combined with a good, mellow sound. Over the course of their albums, they have consistently held a constant, rich sound.
These guys do a really good job balancing the sound between the mellow and a good pace and beat. Additionally, vocals and instruments are also nicely balanced. Usually, I'm not a huge fan of jam-rock. Here, however, something makes up for it and they can easily get away with jamming.

Magnetic North - rane
From The Vine - rane

ProjectFlood Live EP