January 29, 2008

New Artist: Ryanhood

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Today's the day for indie-rockers, I guess. These two guys are called Ryanhood. They've been around since 2003, when Ryan Green and Cameron Hood (thus, Ryanhood) traveled to Boston, where they've since toured with larger artists and have released several, self-released albums, with another just completed and on the way.
I got to see them when they came by Norwich University when I was a sophomore or Freshman in college - I can't remember the exact date. They're currently located out of Tucson, Arizona, although they have a fantastic New England Indie sound. According to their website, they've opened for Jason Mraz, Carbon Leaf, Mat Kearney, Matt Nathanson and a couple others, which makes sense because their music falls into that general category.
Soundwise, they're two guys with guitars, more in the acoustic genre, with a pretty good touch. They sound like they can be a bunch of different groups, as they seem to have influences from a bunch of places - Simon and Garfunkel certainly, but there are some influences from the bluegrass and rock world.

Their next album is called The World Awaits, and features the following songs:
  • Okay
  • The World Awaits You
  • Around The Sun
  • Mature
  • Helpless Hopeless
  • Stopless
  • Nothing But The Real Thing
  • Alright
  • Divides
  • Back Into Blue
  • Appy Jam
  • Born To Run To You
Here's a couple of good tracks to listen to:

Gardens and Graves - Ryanhood
You Used To - Ryanhood