January 29, 2008

New Artist - We'll Write

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One band that's come to my attention is We'll Write, who hail out of London, England. These guys are a duo who's sound goes right into the acoustic guitar sound that's quite good. Listening to their music, they've got some interesting songs, particularly with their lyrics. Among some of their songs, they write about "vengeful deities, dancing zombie girls, old men with moon shaped faces and sleeping all day", which is more than enough to get me interested.
Two songs in particular stuck out for me, both off of their first EP, called Old Moon Face: Lying for the Song and Never Seems to Rain, both which seemed very reminiscent of some of the music that I listened to in college, when we'd get an indie band in for a coffeehouse performance. These guys fit the tone and feel perfectly. While their first EP isn't perfect - these two songs are the best on there - they have a good sound that's well on it's way towards refinement to something better in the future.

Lying for the Song
- We'll Write
Never Seems To Rain - We'll Write