January 28, 2008

Grace Potter: Live at the Waterfront

Christmas just came early. Earlier this summer, I went to see Grace Potter and the Nocturnals when they came up for a concert at the Burlington Waterfront. It was an absolutely amazing, amazing concert, probably the best one that I've ever been to. I have some bittersweet memories of it now, because it was when I went on my first date with a now ex, but that doesn't bother me that much now.

Someone just posted the concert on Archive.org.

This is one concert that would have absolutely blown the roof off of any building that they could have played in. They played with so much energy and, dare I say, grace. I know I talk about Grace a lot here, but give this show a listen, and this is why I think she's one of the best new musicians out there now. Plus? It's got a very long-sought after cover/duet with Josh Ritter. Here's my original concert review. If you listen to one concert this year, listen to this one.