February 4, 2008

New Artist - Civil Twilight

I'm a sucker for any music that's on the show House MD, generally. Props to whoever picks the music for that show, because they've got one killer soundtrack.
Last night's episode, right after the Superbowl, featured a new and upcoming artist, Civil Twilight. They're a trio out of South Africa, who's just released their first album, entitled Human.
Already, off the bat, I'm really liking these guy's sound and style - something like Bono working with the band Mute Math (another fantastic group to check out sometime)
According to their MySpace, Human is supposed to be on iTunes by now, but it doesn't seem to have made it's way up there yet. It's also available at their website for a $5 download, $10 hard copy, or for free, with a donation requested. It's worth picking up - these guys have a fantastic first album on their hands.

Human - Civil Twilight
Perfect Stranger - Civil Twilight