February 4, 2008

New Artist - Goodtimes Goodtimes


A new artist that I've come across via a couple good music blogs is Goodtimes Goodtimes, out of London, England. I received their first album, Glue, on Friday, and I think that that's all that I really listened to most of the weekend.
Goodtimes Goodtimes is Franc Cinelli, and he draws from a number of different influences, coming up with a sound somewhere between Bob Dylan, Josh Ritter, Bright Eyes and a couple others.
This first album is fantastic - it has a wonderful, rustic/folk/rock sound that just clicks from the first song, and lyrically, these songs are all really good. Cinelli uses repetition frequently in the song, through the lyrics and chords, (and name), which works really well when you're listening.
This is a fantastic start, with a fantastic album. Highly recommended.

Kids - Goodtimes Goodtimes
Sunshine Sunshine - Goodtimes Goodtimes