May 6, 2008

Cover & Original - Hard Sun

This week's cover is one that I've really been looking for for months. Last year, the movie Into the Wild was released to theaters, and is now out on DVD. I have yet to see it, but I did pick up the soundtrack, which doubles as a solo album for Eddie Vedder, and it's quite a good one at that. The big song was Hard Sun, which I later learned was a cover by a guy named Gordon Peterson, also known as Indio.
Vedder's version is very similar to the original one, although it have more power and energy behind it, and as a result, it a little more radio friendly. It was, and still is, one of my favorite songs from last year.
The original is softer, more folk-ish than Vedder's version, and listening to both side by side, both cover and original are stellar songs.

Hard Sun (Indio) - Eddy Vedder
Hard Sun - Indio (Gordon Peterson)