May 8, 2008

New Artist: Landon Pigg

One new artist that really fits with my music tastes that I've just come across is Landon Pigg, who have recently released his recent EP, Coffee Shop, which contains five tracks of light, acoustic folk rock.
It's an interesting listen, with the first track Falling in Love At A Coffee Shop, which has gained quite a bit of popularity through its use in a couple commercials and in a recent TV show. It's also the weakest song on the EP, with the last song, Magnetismo (Magnetism) being the strongest.
Coffee Shop and Landon hit all the right marks for me - acoustic guitar, decent voice, but there's something that's a little off with this album. It feels too light, too airy, with little substance to really anchor it down. There's some good starts, in the stronger tracks, such as Magnetismo and Great Companion.
That being said, it's a pretty good start of a career for a young musician. He's got all the right sounds and motions, and undoubtedly will be releasing an album at some point in the near future, which will hopefully improve upon his sound and songwriting. His sound is such that he will be popular with the college demographic who's enamored of the Nick Drake sound and all things similar to the fantastic Garden State soundtrack. Landon doesn't seem to offer this particular genre anything new, but is treading over familiar ground, which is not a bad thing - it's a good sound to copy. Hopefully however, he'll go off and experiment a little and come up with something very good. There's seeds of that in this EP.

Falling In Love At A Coffee Shop (Video)- Landon Pigg