June 25, 2008

Concert Review: Twi the Humble Feather and José González

(Picture J.Muntz)

Last night, one of my favorite artists came to town - José González. I've been a huge fan of his for nearly three years now, and seeing him in person has been on my MUST DO list for about that entire time. I've thought about driving down to Boston several times when he's been in time, but things like real life have gotten in the way.
Last night, he played a set at the Higher Ground music hall in South Burlington, his first time in Vermont, alongside a Brooklyn called Twi the Humble Feather.

I did a quick listen to these guys on myspace prior to the concert, and I don't know what it was, but I wasn't that into them. However, seeing them in person and with my brother (who's a music major), I loved their performance. They have a unique, complex and layered sound from the trio, who are all playing in the classical style that just blew me away. The vocals were really interesting, and they really varied their sound and pacing throughout their short set.

Space Ships
The Adventures of Castle One
Music for Spaceships and Forests
Higher At the End

José González blew me away even more. Completely, and I can say that this was one of the best concerts that I've ever been to, despite the fact that I couldn't see him half the time because of the tall people in front of me.
I've long been a fan of his guitarwork but what I've never gotten listening to his albums is the physical presence and feel of his playing. The reverb from his guitar along was felt through the entire room, and his voice was clearer than most of the artists that I've seen play in that room. Soundwise, this was the clearest, perfect type of sound - it was sublime, and I was getting chills listening to it.
González's set was fantastic, playing a nice mix of songs from his two albums, hitting the really big songs, such as Heartbeats, Teardrop, Killing for Love, and Crosses, but some of the other ones, such as Fold, The Nest and Abram.
González's voice was incredible. It was strong, and soft, absolutely perfect for this style of music, and combined with his guitar playing, I can easily say that this was one of the best shows I've ever seen.

How Low
Hearbeats (The Knife)
The Nest
All You Deliver
Stay in the Shade
Down the Line
Broken Arrows
Deadweight on Velvetine
Cycling Trivialities
Teardrop (Massive Attack)
Killing For Love
Time To Send Someone Away
Love Will Tear Us Apart (Joy Division)

Higher Than the End - Twi the Humble Feather

Heartbeats (The Knife) - José González
Down the Line - José González

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