June 23, 2008

New Artist: AM

I came across this singer/songwriter the other day in my e-mail: AM. While his name makes him harder to find when doing a Google search, I've found that he's an interesting singer with a sound that I'm really enjoying. To me, he sounds somewhat like Cary Brothers and Chris Stills, two artists that I've really enjoyed recently.
This is one reason why I really like blogging about music - I can come up across artists who I'd probably not come across otherwise, and I get to help get their sound out a bit. AM's sound is one that I can easily see being featured on TV shows, given the quality and style of the music that's typically featured.
This album has a nice, laid back sound to it. There's a good rhythm to all of the songs, and some very good guitarwork for a couple of them. Soul Variations is this guy's second album, with a smaller release this year called Side By Side: Duets, Vol 1, with some interesting pairups, including Meiko and Tina Dico.

Old Song - AM
Endings Are Beginnings - AM