June 19, 2008

Cover and Original: Coldplay Covers

Continuing with Coldplay things this week, I did a little digging around and found a couple of good covers that Coldplay has done recently of other artists, and a couple of Coldplay songs that have been covered by other artists.

Coldplay's done two pretty good covers - 2000 Miles, originally by the Pretenders, and Can't Get You Out Of My Head, originally by Kylie Minogue. In both instances, they provide their own solid sound to each, which is pretty nice to hear. Helena Noguerra also does her own version of Can't Get You Out Of My Head, which is pretty neat.

As far as Coldplay covers go, I've found two. Clocks, by Jeff Bujak, which is a fair cover. I heard a couple mistakes here and there, but it's a pretty faithful version of the song. The second cover is by one of my favorite artists, Gregory Douglass, who's doing covers on Youtube, this one of Coldplay's newest hit, Viva La Vida. It's also a pretty fair cover. This is certainly something that's new with the youtube era, for artists to cover something for their fans, using Youtube as a way to distribute things.

2000 Miles (The Pretenders) - Coldplay
2000 Miles - The Pretenders

Can't Get You Out Of My Head (Kylie Minogue) - Coldplay
Can't Get You Out Of My Head (Kylie Minogue) - Helena Noguerra
Can't Get You Out Of My Head - Kylie Minogue

Clocks (Coldplay) - Jeff Bujak
Clocks - Coldplay

Viva La Vida (Coldplay) - Gregory Douglass
Viva La Vida - Coldplay