July 10, 2008

Bombadil @ Langdon St. Cafe

Last night, one of the bands that I've gotten hooked on came to my hometown last night here in Vermont, and played a fantastic set of music. Back in April, I did a review of A Buzz, A Buzz, by the band Bombadil. It's a fantastic album and you should check it out, especially if you like quirky bands like the Decemberists or Bright Eyes.
The concert was at the Langdon St. Cafe, which is a small, hippyish community cafe, where they tend to pull in smaller, local bands or people on their way through.

Bombadil is composed of four guys, Stuart, Bryan, Daniel & James, out of North Carolina. I talked to them before and after the show - extremely nice guys - they really seemed to enjoy what they were doing, and were a pleasure to talk with. These guys had energy - on stage, they really brought the level up and had fun while doing so. Their performance and stage presence was lively and dynamic. There was a little coordinated dancing and movement that was pretty fun to watch as well.

What impressed me the most was how interchangeable each member is. I think that they all switched instruments at least twice, sang, or hit something with a stick. They brought out Trumpets, tambourines, xylophones, flutes, all to create a very rich and textured sound. Overall, I was very happy that I saw them - a very fun performance for a Wednesday night!

Set List:

1 - Jellybean Wine
2 - 25 Daniels
3 - Robore
4 - Julian of Norwich
5 - Three Saddest Words
6 - Venezualen Hymn (The Waltz)
7 - Johnny
8 - Suzy Marie
9 - Laurita
10 - Kuala lupur!Malasia


11 -
12 - Smile When You Kiss
13 - Trip Out West
14 - She Said?
15 - What Would You Say? Marriage
16 - A Buzz, A Buzz
17 - (Bear Song)
18 - (Old Roommate Song)
19 - Tall Grass
20 - (New Song - Take the Chance / Wedding Song?)
21 - (Cavaliers)

(Songs I'm not totally sure about, titlewise)

Julian of Norwich - Bombadil
Smile When You Kiss - Bombadil