August 21, 2008

New Music - You Are the Best Thing

Ray LaMontagne is coming out with a new album in October,
Gossip in the Grain, which is due out on the 19th. One song has already leaked, Let It Be Me, and earlier this week, the first song, You Are The Best Thing, was released as a single.
This is easily one of my most anticipated songs of the year already, and I know that a lot of people are looking forwards to this one. LaMontagne has had a very good run with his albums, with the wonderful
Trouble and the even better Till the Sun Turns Black. From the sounds of these first two songs, we're in for another fantastic album, with elements from his last one carrying over with the horn section. If this track and the other one are any indications, this is going to be one fantastic listen. October 19th can't come soon enough.

You Are The Best Thing - Ray LaMontagne

How Come - Ray LaMontagne