August 20, 2008

Some Changes

My last post saw the introduction of a flash player to the site. This is a step that I've been meaning to get to for a little while, and in my opinion, it is overdue. As of this point, Carry You Away will be closer to its original goal - sharing music that I like with the world, but in a way that doesn't necessarily mean that it will be copied and distributed.

Unless I get a an okay from an artist, publicist or other related party, we're not going to offer downloads. This might come as a problem for some, as it's convenient to be able to listen to a song and then download it, especially if you like it. However, we would rather skate on thicker ice with this issue. While we feel that the RIAA and the music industry in general has been slow to react to the changes that the internet has brought on, they are a group that I would rather remain on their good side, and as such, we'll be doing our best to better respect copyrights, while still showing the world music that we have found and grown to love.

Often, publicists will provide a free MP3 to share, and those will continue to be uploaded. Live tracks that can be found on will also be downloadable. But other tracks will be on a flash-based listen only post, where you can still listen to your heart's content. If you really do like it, buy it, and support the artist.

Music is a product, just like everything else that we seem to enjoy, and I don't believe that it should be pirated to an extent where it impacts the artist. In this day and age, piracy is far more easy to accomplish, and there will be big changes on the way. We've always found iTunes to be a very reasonable platform and music store, as well as countless others. This site was not started as a way to distribute music, but as a way to share our passion for other bands to people around the world, and to help them, in any way possible, to get more listeners. The blogosphere has been a wonderful place to find new music, and will continue to be one for years to come (hopefully). We'll just do our part.

The Times, They Are A Changin' - Bob Dylan