September 22, 2008

Carbon Leaf - Higher Ground 9/20

Over the weekend, I went to see Carbon Leaf for probably the 6th or so time up in Burlington. There's really not any point in reviewing these guy's live shows any more, because I generally gush about them, and everything that I've said has been said before already.

Their opening act, the Clayton Sabine Band, wasn't too bad - They sounded a lot like a Pearl Jam band, but had some decent lyrics to back up their sound. I don't think that they're a group that I'll follow, such as Stephen Kellogg and the Sixers, Matt Nathanson or the Adam Ezra Group.

Here's the set list:

Let Your Troubles Roll By
What About Everything?
One Prairie Outpost
Love Loss Hope Repeat
Life Less Ordinary
Torn To Tattered
Another Man's Woman
Learn To Fly
Desperation Song
Blue Ridge Laughing / Freebird jam
Texas Stars
The Boxer

Raise The Roof
Mary Mac

Audio tracks are from the
Neptune's Park at 31 Ocean on 2008-07-17 show.

This was a fantastic set, a lot of their really good songs, and a couple that sound like they might make it onto the new record when it comes out (Terry told me next February, 2009. Apparently, they're about 5 days away from wrapping up the album completely. Stay tuned, you'll hear about it here)