September 19, 2008

New Artist - Dan Kaplan

I posted my review of the Dan Kaplan concert earlier today, but I wanted to introduce him separately. I came across Kaplan on yesterday when I checked up on the Langdon Street Cafe's webpage. Following the links, I came across his website and myspace page and gave him a listen.

Dan Kaplan is a singer-song writer out of Massachusetts. He used to be part of a group called The Still, which I haven't been able to find anything about - I'm guessing its a group that broke up, and Kaplan has been working a solo act since then. In 2006, he released an EP, now out of print, called
Lost in the Numbers, and followed it up in 2007 with Stranger Land. At the performance last night, he mentioned that he was working on a new album, and played several songs from it, all of which sounded quite good.

His style is best described as acoustic/folk, similar to Jonathan Clay, Matt Nathanson or Stephen Kellogg. It's calm, thoughtful and relaxing, which works very well with his sound. This first EP isn't much to go on, given its length, but from where I stand, it's a very, very promising start, and I look forward to his upcoming album.

Before I Go - Dan Kaplan