October 1, 2008

Goodtimes are Coming Back

A little while ago, I posted up that one of my favorite discoveries of this year, Goodtimes Goodtimes, out of London, will be releasing a new album sometime soon. There's no title, release date or track list for this album yet, but there are a couple of demos that I've just come across and received permission to pass along.

Listening to the tracks that I got, I'm more excited than ever. Goodtimes Goodtimes' first album, Glue, was a fantastic listen with a great sound, beat and lyrics. Here, it sounds like his sound has matured - it's more rich, but keeps the same basics that made the first album a brilliant one. These tracks rocks - Get Ready builds and builds to an exciting chorus that just explodes with energy about halfway through, while Let It Begin and For All My Kingdom keeps the energy going with a great beat and sound.

I'll certainly be posting more information up about this, but already, this is going to be one of my more anticipated albums, whenever it comes out.

Let It Begin - Goodtimes Goodtimes

For All My Kingdom - Goodtimes Goodtimes

Get Ready - Goodtimes Goodtimes