November 25, 2008

New Alternate Routes Video + Album

The Alternate Routes have a new video for an upcoming single from their next album, due out February 24th, 2009. Add it to the list people! The album is called
A Sucker's Dream, and will have the following tracks on it:

01 On and On We Whisper
02 Ain't No Secret
03 All That I See
04 The Future's Nothing New
05 Just A Dream
06 Desdemona featuring Patty Griffin
07 Tow The Line
08 A Sucker's Dream
09 Already November
10 Never Gonna Be Rich
11 A Better Way


I'm looking forwards to this new release. Their first album, Good and Reckless and True was fantastic, one of my top ten of last year, and this one sounds very good.

The Future's Nothing New (Live) - The Alternate Routes

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