April 20, 2009

New Artist: Dawn Landes

I have a concert review coming tomorrow for Alexi Murdoch, but while I'm still working that one out, I wanted to talk quickly about one of the artists that opened for him last night at the Higher Ground in South Burlington, Dawn Landes.

Honestly, most openers aren't all that great. I've been to a number of concerts where I've been disapointed, but there have been a bunch, especially at the Higher Ground where I've been really, really impressed. Landes falls into that catagory, and she really blew the doors off the plast with the last half of her set last night.

What was most impressive about Landes and her group was that they were interesting. I tend to listen to a lot of music in the folk-rock/ indie category, and while she falls nicely into this sound, her music doesn't feel like it. She's got energy, a lot of it, and with songs like Bodyguard, which have a fantastic groove and feel, she owned the stage. Her latest album is Straight Lines, and I'm really looking forward to picking that up as soon as possible. Expect a review soon. 

Bodyguard - Dawn Landes