April 18, 2009

New Mute Math Video - Spotlight

I've long been a fan of the Alternative group Mute Math (or MuteMath, I can never tell which), because their music is fast, exciting and interesting. 

The other day, the group released the video for their latest single, Spotlight, and like their last video, which was shot backwards, this one features the band rocking out to their latest song in the back of a moving van, sped up a bit, which gives the song a certain urgency and certainly a bit of creativity. Take a look here:

I have somewhat mixed feelings about the song - well, not the song itself, but the fact that it was used in the godawful film Twilight. (Hopefully that'll be the first and last time that franchise is ever brought up here...). It's a fantastic song, and while I don't hold anything against a band for being part of a film or TV show, I'm a little erked at this because I can't stand the book or film. 

Take a listen to Spotlight here