June 9, 2009

Cover and Original: Train Song

Vashti Bunyan is an artist that I came across a while ago that I've really enjoyed, and have been happy to hear that her songs have been getting a little more attention. First, there was the useage of Diamond Day in a mobile phone commercial over in the UK that was quite catchy, and now, Ben Gibbard and Feist have picked up on her song, Train Song, which has been one of my favorites.

Recently, Feist invited one of my absolute favorite artists, Bon Iver, on stage to sing the song with her, and I think that it's an almost perfect fit. Feist's voice is fairly similar, and while Bon Iver excells at the high falsetto, he doesn't go that route here. Together, they really make a good pair.

Train Song (Vashti Bunyan) - Feist and Bon Iver
Train Song - Vashti Bunyan