June 10, 2009

New Zero 7 - Yeah Ghost

Zero 7 is returning for their fourth studio album, Yeah Ghost, on September 8th, after a three year break between their last album, The Garden. Zero 7 has consistantly released good music and has collaborated with absolutely fantastic singers such as Sia, Tina Dico and Jose Gonzalez, among others. Their inclusion in the Garden State Soundtrack a couple years ago certainly helped spread their sound to new ears, and I'm very thankful for that. While my favorite album that they have released is Simple Things, their first, When It Falls and The Garden have been fantastic listens, with their downbeat and engaging sound.

With the announcement of their new album, the group has provided one of the tracks, Everything Up (Zizou), for free, and it features, for the first time, Henry Binns (one of the two members of Zero 7) on Vocals, and vocalist Eska Mtungwazi. The first single, Medicine Man, will be available later in the summer. It's a little different, faster than what they've put out before, but I really like it.