February 11, 2008

Concert Review - Mieka Pauley and Gregory Douglass

Instead of handing out on the couch watching the Grammys last night, I got a ticket to see two singer-songwriters whom I've covered here before: Gregory Douglass, with Mieka Pauley opening. I liked both artists fairly well - Gregory Douglass made my Best Discoveries of 2007 list earlier this year, and Mieka Pauley was a New Artist featured here with her latest album, Elijah Drop Your Gun.
Meika opened with a very fun set list for the night. I confess that I haven't paid as much attention to her music as I have Douglass, and I was extremely impressed by her performance. She had a great tone and energy before the audience that really got everyone moving. Vocally, she has a really good handle on her sound, as well as with the guitar - she used it in ways that I haven't really seen anyone else use it before, and got a good sound out of it with some fantastic songs. Overall, she's probably one of the better and more passionate performers opening for someone. Here's her set list:

1- Marked Man
2- Run
3- Fate Day By Day
4- All The Same Mistakes
5- When I'm In Chicago
6- Hallelujah (Cover)
7- Die
8- Get Your Shit Together (Cover)
9- Blunt
10- Heavenly
(I'm not 100% sure of all the song titles here)

Gregory Douglass was up next, and also gave a really good performance. I was really impressed with his musical style, and I've really enjoyed two of his albums that I have.
Douglass reminds me a little of David Gray and Ben Folds - he's got a similar style, and an energetic stage presence, along with some of his fantastic songs. Here's what he played:

1 - Unknown
2 - Devotion (New)
3 - Don't Tell Me It's Gonna Be Alright
4 - Turn Around
5 - Hard Enough To Try
6 - Welcome Back To The World
7 - Time
8 - Have A Nice Day
9 - Fly Away
10 - The Ride
11 - Hang Around
12 - Same alibis
13 - Enough By Now
14 - Tyrant (New)
15 - Light Don't Shine
16 - No Apology (New)
17 - Better Tomorrow

Be Like The Man - Meika Pauley
Hang Around - Gregory Douglass