February 11, 2008

Around the World: Brazil

This next stop around the work places us in South America, in Brazil. Brazil is the fifth-largest country in the world, and was originally a colony of Portugal, in 1500. The country remains one of the strongest economic forces in the world and is a viable democracy.
The singer that I'm using to represent the country today is CéU, an indie singer-song writer of really great acclaim over the past year, hailing out of São Paulo. Her first album was released almost a year ago in the US. CeU, who's name is Maria do Céu Whitaker Poças, was born into a musical family, where she has been influenced by a lot of Brazil's classical music. By age 15, she studied music and wanted to be a musician, and she draws from many influences in the country, including samba, blues, afro and jazz, mainly African influences. Her first album was also nominated for a Grammy award, in the Best Contemporary World Music Album, although she didn't walk away with that this time around.

Concrete Jungle
- CéU